Welcome to my company ‘Optima Football’ and our ‘Sustainable Model’.

Based on my time in various countries building a professional football club and after visiting more than 20 top clubs during the past 10 years, I have created a concept for football clubs on how to build a club in a sustainable manner using strategic planning and coaching from board room to the training ground – from theory to practical execution.

The concept is meant for the clubs to operate on a more strategic level making the strategy transparent for all employees.

Especially bringing the club strategy all the way from the offices to the training pitch is a difficult step. These departments are often divided and normally the technical staff working with the team and players are not introduced to the main visions preventing a fully successful transparency in the club.

“The sustainable model” is more or less turned upside down compared to ‘The short-term model’. As the club in the sustainable model will plan its vision, strategy, philosophy, methodology, recruitment strategy and Academy Master Plan before hiring the head coach

The sustainable model

Club Vision & Strategy → Philosophy (style of play) → Methodology → Recruitment Strategy → Academy Master Plan / Youth Development → Head Coach → Transfers

This is not to say head coaches can’t decide anything. Of course they will have influence of transfers and they can challenge and re-develop the style of play, but they are hired because they can fulfil the club strategy – not because they wish to change it.

Our current way of running a football club doesn’t make sense. We throw the keys to the club to a person, who we will kick out again if we loose a few games.

Through my experience in football, my field studies when writing my book and from my university- and MBA-studies I was taught the importance of strategic thinking, using the right methodology and qualifying as many qualitative aspects as possible.

Also in football I believe we need to start using science and data to make the right strategic planning based on objective methods instead of gambling on the next head coach to find the right direction.

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