Welcome to Optima Football

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I’m very pleased and proud to launch my new company ‘Optima Football’ and the concept ‘Strategic Planning & Coaching’.

From reflections, empirical study trips, development of the idea to this official launch has gone nearly two years.

Based on my time in China building a professional football club and after visiting more than 20 top clubs during the past 6-7 years, I have created a concept for football clubs on how to build a club in a sustainable manner using strategic planning and coaching from board room to the training ground – from theory to practical execution.

My concept ‘Strategic Planning & Coaching’ is meant for clubs to operate on a more strategic level making the strategy transparent for all employees.

Especially bringing the club strategy all the way from the offices to the training pitch is a difficult step. These departments are often divided and normally the technical staff working with the team and players are not introduced to the main visions preventing a fully successful transparency in the club.

Go to Optima Football to read more about the concept - https://optimafootball.com/