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Set goals, targets or not?

5 minute read

What’s your motivation? What’s your drive? And which experiences in your career do you remember in particular as meaningful? These questions can guide you to...

3 years anniversary - a time to reflect

3 minute read

By coincidence through a LinkedIn-update, I realized it’s my ‘3 years anniversary’ these days at Shanghai SIPG F.C. In football - that’s like a lifetime peri...

To achieve or to avoid?

1 minute read

A common saying is; there are no right or wrong in football. Another saying is: the winner is always right.

Meeting the Crown Prince of Denmark

less than 1 minute read

This past week, I was invited to the south of China by the Danish embassy in China as of the official ‘Denmark Day’ took place on September 26th.

Short video from Shanghai & SIPG F.C.

less than 1 minute read

A few month ago, I had a visit from Rabona Magazine and the journalist Michael Da Silva, who was producing a short documentary on Chinese football ahead of o...