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Why and how to use statistics?

4 minute read

The World Cup 2014 is almost starting, and I will during the WC write some columns and make some analysis, and this is the first one - a pre-analysis.

Radio interview with Danish P1

less than 1 minute read

Today, I had the pleasure to do an interview with the Danish radio station P1. We talked about the development of football in Asia and China. I’m very please...

What is possession - and how to train it?

2 minute read

Last week, I had some very interesting days in Nyon at my UEFA PRO coaching course with the Danish, Croatian, Belarus and Romanian delegation as well. We had...

Signing Danish player Ken Ilsø

less than 1 minute read

Just before the transfer window closed, my Chinese club Guangzhou R&F signed the Danish player Ken Ilsø. This was of an interesting media story in Denmar...