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Column writter in Chinese media

less than 1 minute read

I am very proud to announce that I from now on will write one column a week for the famous Chinese media; I was contacted by Hupu and after some go...

Wu Lei - a hot prospect

1 minute read

In this CSL season I have watched 4 LIVE games + seen almost every game at my tv or at my computer. I am building up a shortlist of interesting players and t...

Lær at lave en kampanalyse

less than 1 minute read

Hvis du ønsker at arbejde med fodbold (og visse andre sportsgrene) på elite niveau, så skal du lære at lave en kampanalyse, hvor du skematisk og systematisk ...

The girl who could not lose

less than 1 minute read

Everyone with interest in Elite sport and talent development should watch this fantastic documentary about the Swedish athlete Carolina Klüft.